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Clairol Nice Fees free!! 'n Super sale Easy Haarfarbe

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Haarfarbe


Clairol Nice 'n Easy Haarfarbe



Farbe:Ultra Light Cool Sommer Blond

Nice n easy has built in rich conditioners that travel into your hair with the colour, to penetrate like no everyday conditioner can. With a perfect blend of natural colour and rich conditioners, you'll have healthy looking, beautiful colour that makes your hair come alive with bounce, body and radiant shine. Nice n easy starts as an easy to pour liquid, then transforms into a drip free creme to surround each strand, as the colour and conditioners deeply penetrate into your hair. Nice n easy rich conditioning colour infuses your hair with beautiful, natural looking colour. Go lighter or darker, softer or brighter, completely cover grey and bring out the best in your colour. Just mix and shampoo in, wait about 20 minutes and rinse off, before applying healthy shine conditioner. Although it is rare, a small number of people may at any time, show an allergic reaction to hair colourants. So always carry out a sensitivity test 48 hours before each and every application. Unscrew caps from developing lotion and hair colourant. Mix one teaspoon of hair colourant with one teaspoon of developing lotion in a glass or plastic bowl.. Recap bottles securely. Wash a small area of skin inside your elbow. Dry gently and smooth on a little mixture with cotton wool. Allow to dry and do not wash off for 48 hours. If any allergic reaction appears within 48 hours do not use this colourant on your hair. To preview the colour results and to check the development time, use some of the mixture from your completed sensitivity test. Perms, relaxers and the sun can affect your timing and results. Put on gloves. If using this hair colourant for the first time, apply the colour mixture to the entire strand. If you have previously used hair colour and are checking for shade matching, apply the colour mixture to the new hair growth only. Start timing, after 20 minutes wipe strand clean with a tissue. If not as desired re apply and develop for up to a further 25 minutes.

"h2"Produktbeschreibung des Herstellers
"th" Age Defy von Nice'N Easy "th" Nice'N Easy No Ammoniak "th" Nice'N Easy Farbmischschaum
Nice'n Easy Permament Haarfarbe Nice'N Easy Age Defy Haarfarbe Nice'N Easy Root Haarfarbe Nice'N Easy No Ammoniak Haarfarbe Nice'N Easy nicht-permanente Haarfarbe Nice'N Easy Colour Blend Haarfarbe aus Schaumstoff
Nice'N Easy Wurzelausbesserung von Nice'N Easy Nice'N Easy Non-Permanent
Nice'N Easy mischt drei Töne in jedem Farbton. Das Ergebnis? Dimensionale, natürlich aussehende Farbe in einem einfachen Schritt. Cleveres Dreistufensystem bietet bis zu 100 Prozent lang anhaltende Grauabdeckung und bekämpft sieben Zeichen von alterndem Haar. Verlängern Sie die Lebensdauer Ihrer Haarfarbe. Der Ausbesserungslack deckt Wurzeln und Grau jederzeit zwischen den normalen Farbstoffen in nur 10 Minuten ab. Großartig für Erstmalfärber - natürlich aussehende Farbe, die sich nach und nach durch 24 Wäschen abwäscht. Ideal für erstmalige Farbkräfte - keine sichtbaren Wurzeln, keine langfristige Verpflichtung. Nach und nach durch acht Wäschen waschen. Nice'N Easy Colour Blend Foam schafft dimensionale, verblassende Farbe in einem einzigen Schritt.

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Haarfarbe

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